Summer memories: Sarajevo

Yesterday there was an excellent conference held at our faculty, it was an opportunity for academics, members of civil society and practitioners from the post-Yugoslav space to talk about European integration. Anyway, this reminded me that I still haven't shared the photos from my summer roadtrip to Sarajevo.

We went there with a couple of friends to visit the Sarajevo Film Festival and absorb the fantastic city. It was my third time there and it was especially magical because of the film festival atmosphere and beautiful summer weather. Not to mention our amazing friends from Sarajevo (Muamer, Fethi) who took us to all the right places to make our Sarajevo experience even better. Thank you so much guys!

Anyway, if you get a chance to visit Sarajevo, don't hesitate for a second! As a historical meeting point of so many cultures, it has a lot to offer. Although there a lot of painful reminders of human cruelty that the war brings, the whole city is also a reminder of human courage and solidarity.


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  1. if i could, i'd jump right on a plane to sarajevo right now. this city sounds fascinating to me. with all it's history and society diversity.

  2. You always make the most beautiful pictures!

  3. SO happy to see another post from you, Tamara. I am always amazed at your stunning photography. I don't need much prompting to be convinced to visit pretty much anywhere, but you had me at the first picture. I will gladly visit Sarajevo if I ever get the chance!

  4. P.S. Have you ever thought about doing a post about different foods you have eaten on your travels (or even traditional Slovenian food!). I would love to read/see that!

  5. Beautiful .. One of the places I'd love to visit some day.

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  6. sarajevo looks SO amazing. i need to go. never have really felt an attraction to there before…but your pictures! makes me yearn for a european summer.


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