In the land of waterfalls and glaciers: Berghaus Bäregg in Grindelwald

All of Switzerland is gorgeous, but some places are more gorgeous than others. In my book, it's Grindelwald and Zermatt. However, to my dismay, tourists from all over the globe share that opinion, and flock to these villages to enjoy the views. I can't blame them! Though I can try to escape them. And the best strategy to do that is to find hikes off the beaten track, to find views that aren't available by cable car or train. This hike is one of them.

Declared as a favourite hike by a friend who lives in Grindelwald, I was eager to give it a go. The first opportunity came one late August weekend when I was staying in the village with a friend and the absymal morning weather suddenly took a turn for the better, so we decided fairly last minute to hike up to Schreckhornhütte, passing by Bäregg on the way there. I loved it so much I returned there several times after (just for the Bäregg part, not Schreckhornhütte - as much as I loved it, doing it in one day - after two days of climbing beforehand - left a bit of trauma, so next time I'm going to that hut, I'm definitely staying the night...). 

What I love most about the Bäregg hike is that it has so much variety. You start with views of the valley and Grindelwald below, and as soon as you turn a corner, you enter a world of steep drop offs, washed out sections, waterfalls, jagged peaks, glaciers, and silky green pastures. It's wild and dramatic. And a lot less busy than other hikes in Grindelwald (I don't expect it to get busier after this blog post either 😉), so you get to enjoy a rösti and a beer on the gorgeous sun-soaked terrace of Berghaus Bäregg in the company of only a few people who decide to venture there.


  • Time of the year: From early summer to late autumn (check the opening times of the hut here
  • How to get to the starting point: Pfingstegg cable car station is the starting point, which is a 10-minute walk from Grindelwald (turn right before the church - there are signposts). You can either start the hike up from the bottom of the cable car, or take the cable car and start from there (saves you around 45 minutes of walking up).
  • Hike time: Around 3 hours altogether if starting from the top of the cable car and finishing there. If you start at the bottom and return there, around 4h30min altogether.
  • Hike length & ascent: 6km, 430vm elevation
  • Hiking gear needed: Usual hiking gear (hiking boots, poles).
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Hike directions: The route is quite well marked. If starting at the cable car station, turn right and follow the gravel path - keep going straight and up (at one point you'll reach a point where the path joins with the one coming from the bottom of the cable car). First bit of the path is still in the tree line, so quite shaded, but you soon leave the trees behind and the rocky path leads you past big rock walls into the pastures (you might see sheep if you're lucky). After a while of windy and steep turns through the pastures you should be able to see the hut, and reach it within minutes.

For more experienced (and fit!) hikers that aren't afraid of heights and want to to prolong the hike, I recommend going to Schreckhornhütte (see here the description of the full hike). The photos below are from that part of the hike. 


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