8 best spots for finding inspiration in Edinburgh

I can totally see why Harry Potter series is such a masterpiece. Being inspired in Edinburgh (where J. K. Rowling wrote a lot of her works on the wizarding community ;-) is a fairly easy undertaking. Climbing up the hill to city's old town, sipping coffee (or preferably whisky) in one of the cosy cafes, leaving the hubbub behind by escaping to St. Arthur's seat ... I could go on and on for hours, but you get the idea, right? Edinburgh is a city with a diverse palette of enchanting activities to feed one's soul.


§  Follow the trail of Harry Potter - visit cafes where J. K. Rowling wrote the books (Elephant House is the most known for being her refuge while writing some of the books - however, my best friend Tamara, an Edinburgh local, says that this is quite a commercial spot and recommends the Spoon for a more cosy and artistic indulgence - also famous for being J. K.'s writing retreat) and visit Greyfriars Kirkyard - you'll find that a lot of names sound familiar! 
§  Hike up St. Arthur's Seat. It almost feels like being in proper mountains, albeit it's just above the city. 
§  Have a picnic in the Meadows.

I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh during its famous Fringe festival so I could choose from a menu of theatre and stand up comedy shows taking place almost every five minutes in various corners of the city. I didn't use that opportunity as much as I could have because I mostly came to Edinburgh to try and experience the city as a local (the perks of having a best friend who lives there - but as she was working I was mostly at my own command during the day). I would normally start the day at The Black Medicine with a cup of good coffee and continue either strolling through the city and its parks or visiting one of its numerous galleries and museums. It's hard to choose my favourite moments and most inspiring spots, but here we go - my selection of crème de la crème of Edinburgh:

1. Reading in Princess Street Gardens

Not only do these gardens offer a fabulous view of Edinburgh, they also provide a calm oasis in the midst of one of the busiest and nosiest streets in Edinburgh. Numerous benches and vast green patches provide for the perfect reading spots.

2. Walking through the old town to the castle

3. Admiring history and nature at the National Museum of Scotland

4. Hiking up Calton Hill...

5. ...and continuing by hiking up St. Arthur's Seat

6. Strolling through the botanical gardens

7.  Having a picnic in the Meadows

8. Going through the Scotch Whisky Experience

(because what better way to get the inspiration juices flowing than with a glass of water of life?) 

And last but not least... 



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