On the whisky trail: Isle of Skye

It is not exactly a whisky trail since Isle of Skye has one whisky distillery. A superb whisky distillery with spirits as strong as the island's character. That being said, Isle of Skye didn't spare showing its teeth to us - an hour into hiking through the magical Fairy Pools, we were greeted by the pouring rain. Weather in Scotland is slightly unpredictable, to put it mildly. If you don't want to end up soaking wet in the middle of the hike through Fairy Pools with more than an hour long walk back to the car,  don't make the same mistake we did and bring an umbrella (this isn't to say that getting soaked and washing it off with a few sips of whisky on the way isn't a memorable adventure though). Our plan to spend the night in a tent under the starry sky quickly went down the drain (oh the irony) but luckily we found an amazing and cosy hostel in a village very close to Carbost. A mere ten minute walk away from a secluded bay with wonderful views of the ravaging sea.

Since we only had three days on the island, visiting the Talisker distillery the next day was obligatory. Tasting their water of life "with a smoky sweetness, maritime notes and a spicy edge" deepened our appreciation for this remote piece of paradise. Followed by a drive through the windy roads with scenic views, we concluded the day by visiting the Dunvegan castle and witnessing the sunset on top of Neist Point. One of my favourite moments, ever.

Thanks to my adventurous best friend and her boyfriend we also brought inflatable canoes and did a spontaneous canoe trip with tens of seals swimming along with our tiny rubber vehicles. To top it all off, we made the scenic vistas by the road all the more unforgettable by stopping and brewing Italian espressos in a cafetiere on a gas burner. La dolce vita in Scotland.


§  Visit the Talisker distillery. 
§  Watch the sunset on Neist Point. 
§  Immerse yourself in the mystical Fairy Pools.


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  1. What a dreamy trip. Stunningly beautiful place shown in your gorgeous photographs. Adding it to my travel bucket list!

    1. Thank you, Ella-Lauren! I have on my bucket list to spend a summer there. It is surreal!


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