Bern is underrated - and should be on your travel list

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I have been living in Switzerland for more than a year now and somehow I have never managed to visit its capital before last Sunday. I guess with all the breathtaking mountain views, lakes and tiny medieval towns in Switzerland (and France ;-), Bern just doesn't come across as attractive - such an injustice though! With it's shiny clock tower, cosy cafes nested on both sides of the arched old town streets, Bern is more than just a capital with fancy ministries. See my 3 must-do's below and let me know what else there is to see so I have an excuse to go again. ;-)

Besides, how can you not love a town that has a Rosengarten (I don't even want to translate it to English because it sounds way too romantic in German)?


§  Have lunch with a view of the oldtown and roses in the Rosengarten restaurant.
§  Go to Paul Klee Zentrum to feed the mind and soul. 
§  Have a coffee in the cosy Karl cafe (I like to think it's named after Karl Marx heheh .. even if it's homepage says a different story).

Rosengarten restaurant.

 One of the cobbled streets of the old town - with its many clocktowers. :-)

Karl & co. 



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