3 reasons why there's much more to Zurich than banks

In the year and two months of living in Switzerland, I only passed by Zürich once - only to take the train to Geneva from its Hauptbahnhof. But I kept hearing stories about how hip it is (yep, despite the banker invasion ;-) and I was intrigued - which made me all the more excited when one of my best friends said she'll be visiting the hip-and-cool-Zurich. 

And man was I not disappointed - Zurich swept me off my feet. I was impressed by its charming old town, cosy cafes, amazing river (and lake!) views, and incredibly kind people (not something you see very often in big cities, is it?). Not to mention the fairtyale Illuminarium (a Christmas bubble of lights, fires and delicious mulled wines). I rounded up my trip in 3 must-dos for everyone - see them below! 


§  Cosy up in Cafe Grande for top coffee, river view and sexy tiles, Grande cafe (thanks Maida for the recommendation - and bumping into you there just proves Switzy is one big friendly village <3).
§  Climb up to Landhof terasse for a charming view of the old town. 
§  For a burger and a hip cocktail, head to Loft Five

Cafe Grande - delicious coffee and sexy tiles. P.S. Daniel Wellington is having a Black Friday offer! Buy a watch and get a free strap. Use my code “TAMARASBLEND” for an extra 15% off. Happy shopping! 

Super hip Loft Five - good burgers and cool vibes!




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