I am a huge breakfast person. I can't leave my home and start the day until I've had a proper, delicious breakfast and a cup of green tea.  I guess I am a firm believer in the philosophy of  “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” On the upper photo you can see my favourite breakfast meals lately - although they change a lot.

What about you? Do you eat breakfast or not? And if yes, do you have any cool ideas to share?
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  1. it depends on the day. I usually do during the weekend, with coffee and toasts, but during the week it depends on the hurry I have ;)

  2. Those are gorgeous photos! I have always been a breakfast person. If I don't get breakfast, the day is off to a VERY rocky start! Cereal is a huge staple in my everyday diet, but when I have the time I love making a big, luxurious breakfast, fit with eggs and toast and jam and fruit and maybe even some pancakes :)

    1. Same here! That's why I love weekends - because I can devote a lot of attention to my breakfast, haha. ;-)

  3. Brez zajtrka je dan čisto zmešan. Moj zajtrk trenutno: smoothie, pa še kakšna domača "frutabela" za na vrh. Tudi kosmiči so fajn, če imam čas. Ali prosena kaša s sadjem (Tadej je skuha za več dni, zjutraj doda samo sadje, lešnike, cimet in med//agavin/javorjev sirup. Njami!).

  4. I LOVE all those options!!!
    smoothie? yes! Goats cheese? yes! Porridge? Definitely yes!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. I am exactly the same, if I don't have breakfast my day has already started off bad.
    Great post!

    Brie at

  6. i am such a breakfast person! my go to is some buttered toast, or some liverwurst on an everything bagel (something i love simply bc it reminds me of my mom), and my favorite, some mango, eggs, and maybe a side of oatmeal or farinha. but most mornings i only have time for toast or a bagel :)


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