London Adventures + Tips

London was on my must-go list of places for a very, very long time. But somehow I never managed to tick it off as there was never time or some other destination turned up. However, during these past few months I got determined to visit it before the year is out and I made it!

Long story short: I had tremendously huge expectations and they were more or less fulfilled. Honestly, London couldn't possibly turn out to be anything less than I expected, because I travelled in great company and met with lots of dear friends, whom I hadn't seen for a very long time.

Although London can be quite difficult this time of the year with Christmas just around the corner and tourists from all over the world flowing into the city to see it in all it's holiday glory (who would blame them; the film Love Actually can make one pretty excited to be in London around holidays), we managed to keep our nerves calm when hustling through crowds of people on the streets. Luckily, some restaurants, pubs and museums turned out to be quite the peaceful oases. But that is also the charm of London I guess - its hustle and bustle, busy streets and chaotic traffic.

Below you will find some of my tips on where to go, what to see, where to eat in London. And have no fear - this is just the first in the line of my London posts, I have a lot of photos to share with you!

What to see in London?
The (mainstream) classics: good old West End, crowdy as usually, offers a nice evening walk, especially when you escape the lively Piccadilly for a walk to the Buckingham Palace and then back to the Waterloo Bridge along the Thames. It's almost like you're not in London, so peaceful in the evening hours. Not to mention the magnificent night view from Waterloo bridge! You can stop in Porterhouse for a beer on your way back, great and huge pub!

Science Museum (quite basic, but lots of stuff to play with!), Natural History Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum (for all Sherlock & Baker St 221b fans!).

Greenwich. Probably my favourite part of London. With its narrow streets, beautiful never-ending parks and breath-taking views of the City, this must be a winner. There's also the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, but don't expect too much in terms of nautical sciences - it's mostly about naval warfare. Still pretty interesting though. Oh, the Royal Observatory isn't bad either!

Portobello Road Market. Again, very crowdy, but after you've had enough of all the buzz, you can escape to one of the many pubs for delicious black tea or beer.

Where to eat in London
Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden (or elsewhere in London) - cool atmosphere and tasty food for decent prices.
Pizza Pilgrims in Soho - probably the best pizza I ever ate. And I am a HUGE pizza fan.
Wasabi - great sushi.
Camden, where you'll find probably all the cuisines of the world.

Whether in Soho, Camden or anywhere in London really, with a couple of pounds in your pocket, you're always in for a delicious meal.  

My travel companion. ;-)

Left: Tamara, my twin-from-another-mother. :-) I was so happy to see her and Jan after such a long time, they were the perfect company!



  1. Zdaj si mi zbudila lepe spomine na London... Čudovite slikice, kot vedno ;) * Poljubček

  2. Oh, fotke. :) Pa več kot očitno si se imela fajn. :)


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