London Adventures | Greenwich

Photos overload? Totally. But Greenwich really did impress me, it has a radically different feel than the rest of London but so special nonetheless. It is much more calm and peaceful, an oasis in all the London buzz - a priceless getaway when you get tired of crowds!



  1. I love how your photos here exude a type of serenity

  2. stunning shots there, love how you capture the beauty of london through your lens <3

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    RASSP blog

  3. wow your photography skills are amazing! xxx

  4. My husband works for the University of Greenwich so I pop up there quite a bit. I love wandering round Greenwich Market, and in the winter they often have an ice rink in the centre of the campus. It's such a popular film location as well - Steve was edited out of some of the shots of Les Miserables as you could originally see him in full suit and tie in the window of one of the buildings where they were having a meeting as they were filming 'do you hear the people sing?'. Such a wonderful place, really atmospheric! If you get a chance, do go inside and explore the buildings, especially the chapel - they are breathtaking!

    Becs x

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the advice! I think Greenwich will see a lot more of me the next time I visit London so I'll definitely consider your suggestions! :-)
      xx, Tamara

  5. I love your photography!! Photography was one of my modules first year of uni, and yours is just stunning!


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