It's the most magical time of the year...

Every time of the year is nice, but for me there's something special about autumn. To cut it short, here are some my favourite things about it:

* Crispy air
* Misty and foggy days that were made for reading with a hot cup of tea in your hand
* Sunny and warm days that were made for infinite walks in the colour-changing woods
* Digging your feet in the leaves (so much more fun than digging them in the sand in the summer!)
* Colours, the breathtaking views of colourful canvases of nature. Isn't nature the greatest artwork ever, I mean really?
* Autumn desserts. Plum pies, apple pies, everything with cinnamon, you name it!
* Drinking tea isn't strange anymore (as I get weird looks everytime I order tea in the summer...)
* Autumn fruits (everything from chestnuts, to apples, plums and mushrooms)

What about you? What is your favourite time of the year? And what are your favourite things about it?



  1. i think i must agree with you :)

  2. Pri meni je isto, jesen je najlepša. :)

  3. Zamenjam poletje za jesen. Takoj! Prečudovite fotke <3

  4. res srčkan blogec :) kr grdo, da sm ga šele zdej najdla :D!
    pa slikce so superske:)!

  5. <3 my favourite part is the crisp air against your face when you step outside

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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