Hidden gems in Slovenia: Cerkno

Cerkno is one of the most underrated places in Slovenia - at least in the summer. As it's a popular skiing destination, it can get quite deserted in the summer. But it has so much to offer - lots of hiking and cycling possibilites with amazing views, good food and friendly people. (Maybe I'm a little biased because I usually prefer a place out of its most popular season - for example, winter destinations are much more appealing to me in the summer and it goes vice versa for the seaside - I think it's the most magical in autumn and winter).

Due to its location - it's hidden in the arms of numerous hills and mountains, Cerkno makes you feel like you're on the other side of the world, completely disconnected from the everyday reality. All that just an hour and a half of drive from our capital, Ljubljana.

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  1. I've been away from your blog for a while, but your beautifully captured photos have lured me back in. Sounds like an amazing little place.

  2. Oh, Cerkno :). To pa je blizu moje Idrije ;). Se strinjam - prekrasna narava, okolica, ...
    Super fotke!


  3. How absolutely stunning, looks gorgeous!



  4. Oh it is absolutely beautiful out there! Love the curious little sheep faces :D

    ~ Piia Anneli / annelivia

  5. Dolgo že nisem bila tukaj pri tebi, pa vidim da je še vedno zelo lepo :)

  6. i've only driven through slovenia on the way to croatia…we stopped for a passport check! this makes me regret the moment i passed the border! :( need to head back to see this beautiful land.

    enjoy your week :)


  7. Uuu, šele zdaj vidim, da si bila v mojem domačem mestu! :) Kar lepo je tukaj, ja. ;)


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