Sneak peek into Vatican

 St. Peter's Square

 At the Secretariat of State (Holy See)

On our way to the top of St. Peter's Basilica

I wanted to share these photos from Vatican (from my March trip to Rome). The main focus of our field trip was diplomacy so we were lucky enough to see some really exclusive places in Rome - including some streets and rooms at the Holy See - usually hidden for the eyes of "ordinary" tourists. Here's just a sneak peek into the streets of Vatican and the glorious halls.

I prepared a couple of new posts (it's finally summer and I finally got my "blog mojo" back ;-) so stay tuned in the next couple of days!



  1. Fotke so FANTASTIČNE!! Ko pridem nazaj narediva en mini kurs :D

  2. uau, odlične fotografije!


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