Get-together: Wine & Cheese Evening

I celebrated my birthday one month ago and I invited a couple of friends to my favourite thing ever - wine and cheese night. Here's what I prepared - it might give you an idea for a small get-together with friends.
  • crostini - Italian snacks with different toppings. I made two types - one was with cottage cheese & chives, salmon and rosemary, the other was prosciutto with mozzarella and rosemary or strawberries
  • different cheese plates - definitely some goat or sheep cheese, mozzarella, and some blue cheese is also a must; don't forget to add some fruit (grapes, strawberries)
  • baked spinach rolls
It's not much but it's perfect as a light refreshment while you chat and hang out with friends.



  1. those look delicious! happy late birthday Tamara. here's to another adventurous year of life. my birthday is in june too

  2. this looks like the best! so delicious. love.

  3. These look delicious! We sometimes do a wine and s-cheese night for friends as well. My boyfriend loves it! I however, am not the biggest fan of wine nor cheese so I just stick with bread and ham, haha! x

  4. Oh stop it, you're making me crave this delicious food! And a very happy belated birthday to you. Sounds like a lovely time :)

  5. ooo božansko, mizica pogrni se <3

  6. I'm getting so hungry just from looking at this post :D x

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Everything looks divine!


  8. That just sounds like the PERFECT bday!
    And that salmon looks aaamazing!


  9. this is the best way to celebrate a birthday! i don't have a birthday coming up, but my friend has her housewarming soon! i think i will pack some crositini and cheese for her, and of course champagne.


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