Remnants of Rome

No doubt, Rome is the motorcycle city. 

Oh man, it was kind of hard sitting down again to write a new post. I feel like I've totally lost touch with the blogosphere - not only have I stopped writing the blog, I almost stopped reading blogs too. It used to be 30 blogs every day! I don't know where I found the time back then - but it's not like a lot has changed. I'm still studying a lot and working my marketing student job, but it just seems that blogging got lost somewhere on my priority list. It's more of an inspiration and willingness problem than time problem, I think.

But I miss blogging, I miss e-mailing with fellow bloggers and I want to change that. I'll try to post as often as I can, but I don't promise anything. Maybe 5 posts a week or maybe two posts a month. I don't want to force myself to blogging - after all, it is something I've been doing because I've been enjoying it, not because I had to.

So, here are the last few photos from Rome (which I visited TWO MONTHS ago!). Shame on me, I know. I might post some from Vatican too. I also have some photos from our latest sailing trip in the beginning of May and I'll share them with you asap.

  Tangerine tree in the backyard of a house in one of Rome's pretty streets? Yep. 

Art everywhere.
P.S. The sculptures from the first photo are made from carrots. 

Rome has to be the capital of delicious food. Some of my favourite dishes - pizza, pasta, sandwiches with mozarella and proscuitto - can be found on every corner. 

Rome - the city of love. Happy couples everywhere!



  1. Carrot sculptures?? Awesome!


  2. i love these!!! Rome is such a beautiful city, and you did an amazing job capturing it :) I've missed reading your posts and glad you're back :) but I totally know what you mean about getting lost in the everday and somehow realizing a month has gone by wihtout blogging.. it's happened to me many times :)

    Ps- i have a new blog, Check it out!


  3. There you are! I was starting to wonder where you had gone to :) Don' be to hard on yourself, there's always the important things in life that have to go first :) I am looking forward to enjoy your beautiful photography again! These photos are just as lovely as ever! xo Nikki

  4. rome is amazing and i love how your photos get everyday life...i love them!

  5. I love your snapshots into Rome. Gotta agree with ya - the food is amazing!

  6. Lovely photos which bring back happy memories of our long weekend in Rome a few years ago and I agree, the food is amazing - the best pizzas!

  7. I just found your blog and I'm in love. With your pictures that is. :)
    You've got a great eye for color and seeing the world in a different light. The colors are so bright and bold. And I'm actually quite jealous of your Rome trip. I've always wanted to go to Italy.

    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

  8. Beautiful pictures, as always!

    And don't worry about blogging...I've gotten lazy too. I struggle to post once a week. Just...ugh. Heh heh. As you say, it should be something you WANT to do, not SHOULD do.

    Onward and upward!

  9. hello!
    I am a new reader of your blog and I have to say that your photography is beautiful and its very interesting to read about your travels.

    Trisha (hope you pop by!)

  10. Great photos. I love Rome.

  11. your blog is so beauty full! come back soon!?

  12. Ahhh I visited Rome last year and totally fell in love. Now seeing those beautiful shots, I am dying to return x

    The Young Bridget Jones


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