Collect moments

Here's a thought I've been trying to stick to lately; trying to refuse all the materialistic urges that consumerism is encouraging in us. I think that the holidays (current and upcoming - after all, November and December are the holidays months, aren't they?) are the perfect reminder for that. They remind us of the importance of family, moments, and the memories they give us. After all, they last quite longer than our latest purchases. :-)

Just a couple of good articles about that subject:
You Probably Have Too Much Stuff  (from New York Times),
The Real Reasons Why You Buy (NYT again),
Thoughtful Consumption.

Now, to some happier thoughts! How was your Halloween? I watched a funny horror movie with my best friend and went to bed quite early. The evening before Halloween, I carved pumpkins with my boyfriend. You can see the result on my Facebook or Twitter, we tried to do a cheerful little fellow and I think we were quite successful (don't you?!). Halloween isn't really a holiday in Slovenia, although it's becoming more and more popular lately (I can understand why, it's a really fun holiday!). We do have a very similar holiday in the beginning of the year (February / March), a lot of carnivals take place at that time and people dress up to "chase away the winter".

Anywaaay, I leave you with the photo and a song to start off November - it's from my favourite band (and it's one of Alexandra's favourite bands too - The National was the beginning of what turned out to be a beautiful blogger friendship!). Song: Mr. November by The National.



  1. fotka je čudovita, pa misel tudi! :)

  2. I'm going to put that song on right now!!


  3. beautiful picture and saying. My blog helps me to collect moments and document them, it's part of why I love doing it :) xx

  4. i wish i didn't get those materialistic urges ha, i have problems with shopping!

  5. You know you are so right! I'm trying to follow this same advice for the upcoming holidays, nothing more important that forming special memories x

  6. A good thought provoking post! My husband grew up in a family that moved a lot, so they did not get attached to possessions and he is always trying to convince me to get rid of anything extra. His way always makes me think twice when I want to buy something, because it is so true ... Good memories are much more valuable than things. This is how I try to live my life, but it is difficult when spending is so very encouraged.


  7. there is nothing like quality time with family..and I love The National too..especially guest room

    x Kelly

  8. oh i love the idea of chasing away the winter, you will have to share that holiday with those of us that don't know about it! i'd like to celebrate that one too :) i totally agree about collecting moments not things, of course it's hard to remember when you see a pair of boots you want and convince yourself it will indeed make your life better . . . and sometimes a special something does but the little moments have much more value! xo

  9. I didn't celebrated halloween. too bad actually!!

    and the text on your photo is just so true

  10. I need to try & think this everyday!! Xx

  11. Love your blog.
    New follower! Follow me back too?!!

  12. wow i love your header :D
    awesome blog

    Mein Blog

  13. newest follower! Love the post - I completely agree. I'm planning a wedding right now and have to remind myself of it constantly.


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